January: Wallpaper Calendar

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you started your year right. I will be sharing a few new things for this year. Things which are part of a long-term goal that may take place this year. Also, a few old things that I should have done last year will be continued here.

One of the new things I will be doing regular on this blog is posting free monthly wallpaper calendars. I know this is not a novelty. Perhaps everyone is doing it but this is a first for me. So, if you find the images I will be sharing worthy of viewing for a month, then by all means download it. 

This month's shot was taken at Myohoji Temple, Fuji City. The one on top is a regular 1280 x 800. In future posts I will be working on larger wallpaper calendars (2560 x 1600) and  for the iPhone & iPad as well. Thank you & enjoy. 


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