The things I bang my head with

Time flies so fast! Just a couple of days ago I was pushing numbers for the February calendar next time you know it's the middle of the month. In between those days I did have some moments where ideas for a blog entry started spinning inside my head. Bad thing is... they all flew with time! Yeah I know! I'm banging my head right now. I kept reminding myself over and over again to bring a small notebook to write down my thoughts on or to type them immediately on the computer. 

I did mention in a previous post that there are a few stories from last year's vacation that I wanted to share (if only I could really start writing). Sometimes when I look back at those shots and assess them again and again I feel something is lacking. Am I being a perfectionist? Far from it. As much as I wanted to be ruthless in editing my shots, most of the time I find myself looking at a single image and get emotionally attached to it. My shot… my image… my precious! I am banging my head once again. This must end. I should learn how to let go of mediocre images. But didn't I just do that months ago? Yes I did. But that was culling to loosen up disk space. I am talking about meticulously selecting for presentation purposes. 

Ok. Cutting to the chase, I am announcing the initial set for what would be my portfolio. This is a big step for me ladies and gentlemen… so here it is. Introducing []. For now it consists of 20 images under "Working Class". Most of the images were from last year's vacation. Four of the images in the set were part of this blog. My mission in the coming days is to add more categories. And that means cut-throat editing. One would probably be "Japanese Festivals".  Also in the coming days I will bury my head into writing the biography part of the portfolio. 

The last note for this entry would be books. Since the start of this year they have been my companion. Most of my time is spent on reading. This month I only went out twice to shoot. I may have more time to go out next month. That's all folks. End of entry. I need to excuse myself off this computer. Jerod Foster's Storytellers is calling.  


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