High Five

Bushido Calling turned 5 this week. Rya and I celebrated it together by treating ourselves another train joyride, a lunch date and learning photography. The last time we did this was when we went to Matsue in 2009.

I was planning to go to Tokyo last weekend. But it shifted when Rya said she was going to take the day off on Monday while I was checking possible places to go. So I told her why won't we go somewhere together. Next thing I knew I was preparing our bags. Cameras. Checked. Food. Checked. Train ticket. Checked.    

The following morning, after sending off Ken and Kaye, we hurried to the station. It was already 10:00AM when we decided to go to Nagoya. We wanted a fast, hassle free ride. Heading to Shizuoka would mean we will be transferring trains in Hamamatsu. Although it's just a platform across we may have trouble finding seats during this peak season. Rapid and special rapid trains are also available heading to Nagoya.     

Inside the train I was giving pointers to Rya on how to do my kind of street photography. We talked about observing (the subject, background), quality of light (chiaroscuro) and composition. But most of all, on how to have the courage to take the shot. She has always been apprehensive about taking photos in public. She firmly goes by the maxim "do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you". It was not a day to argue, so I kept my peace. 

After roaming Nagoya in search for nothing, we ended up here in Toyohashi at our favourite Indian restaurant. Ken was already on his way home when we got back at 3:00PM. 

Time does fly fast when you are having fun. I wish next time we would go farther than just a 5 hour break. But I know for sure it will not be just the two of us. Until next adventure then.


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