Let's Proceed

Kalesa, 2013

Finally a blog entry. A week from now we will be back in the Philippines. Some events so important to the missus need to be attended; retirement, wedding. I, on the other hand, will have the chance to continue the stories I was working on. Most of these stories did not fall into place last year. The weather went unfavorable and the seas became turbid. I got sick, stayed in the room all day and may have fallen  into a mild form of depression. That month will be remembered as the month of my self-incarceration.

Perhaps I am longing for that euphoria, that adrenalin rush of chasing weekly deadlines from all the photojournalism assignments. Its scent dissipated like a perfume in winter. Thought provoking, intense, sensitive and insightful discussions in and out all gone in a "decisive" moment. (Which reminds me to transcribe the audio file of that day when I stood among admired men and women.) Most of all, I missed  my mates, friends, kindred spirits.

But every end creates new beginnings. I will proceed. I am currently packing my gears while writing this post. So, here's to good weather and calm seas. And this time too I have Rya to assist me. Having someone hold a diffuser, reflector or strobe really goes a long way.  Plus, if she breaks it she buys me a new one. Ha! 

Most of all, what I am looking forward to this year's vacation is that I am going to Cebu. Yes! After thirty years I'll get to visit the house where I grew up, see the old neighborhood and my elementary school. Another good thing would be the food. A su-tu-kil experience is never to be missed. That will be another post for another day. 

So, that's it for from me folks. Peace.


  1. ingat kayo kuya and enjoy the time back home :-)
    hope to see more blog entries and photos when you return


  2. hahahaha buhay pa pala ang blogworld! antagal kong di nakapasyal! welcome home!


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