Maiden Flight

Magazine, 2014

Friends, last Sunday, March 30, 2014 we were one of the first passengers of Cebu Pacific flight 5J5038 bound for Nagoya. The low-cost carrier launched its Narita and Nagoya flights simultaneously. We departed Manila at 3:20 PM and arrived at 8:25 PM (Japan time). It returns to Manila at 9:10PM and probably arrives in Manila by midnight. Although the flights are not that frequent (Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun), it opens the possibility of a more convenient route for travelers in the Chubu (Central Japan) region. Most of all, they will be able to save a tremendous amount of time and money. 

Here is a sample breakdown (if the traveler is from Nagoya). Previously Cebu Pacific's only gateway to Japan was via Osaka (Kansai International Airport). All flights leave at around 8:40PM.

A one-way fare with the bullet train costs 7,610YEN. Using the Nozomi from Nagoya to Shin-Osaka then the Haruka to Kansai Airport. You leave at 3:42PM and arrive at 5:32PM. This is advisable for travelers with huge luggages and accompanying children. Just sit down and relax until you reach Shin-Osaka station which is your next transfer point. It takes less than 3 minutes until you get to the next platform that will send you to the airport.

The normal train costs 5,680YEN. Using the Tokaido Line (Rapid) to Ogaki, Maibara, Shin-Osaka then the Haruka to Kansai Airport. You leave at 1:00PM and arrive at 4:34PM. If you are traveling alone, light and easy with lots of time in your hand. This scenic route is for you. Just don't travel during peak season or you will be either frantically running to be the first in line waiting for the train at the other platform. Or you could just stay calm and stand inside the train all the way to the next transfer point. 

A one-way fare costs 870YEN. Using the Meitetsu-Kuko Limited Express. You leave Nagoya at 6:01PM and arrive at 6:38PM. 

Compare 37 minutes to 1:50 or 3:34 hours and 870YEN to 7,610 or 5,680YEN. If you're one who value time and money as gold then this flight is something you surely can cash in. 

Now about the story part, our experience on this maiden flight, I will let the slideshow below do its thing (plus it has captions, so you won't be lost in translation). 


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