Beyond DiTL: Meet the Rest of the Family

After a wonderful time in Solsona Ken, Kevin and I headed back to Batac. Mama Old was at the veranda to meet us. She then narrated how Kaye behaved and missed us. Ken was about to run and play when I told him to go and kiss his sister first. We kissed, embraced and shouted our mantra "Happy family!" together. 

Later that day, Michael, Pepsi & Gabriel will be arriving from Tarlac.  Jr & Sylvie will follow early evening since they will be coming from Manila. It will be the first time for Kaye to meet the rest of the family. And from there on, she was all amiable, beloved and comfortable with everyone.

So, the story continues. Sit back everyone and enjoy part 2 of the Soundslides presentation.


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