Never too late

Two Sundays had passed since we came back from the Philippines. After seven months of absence, I am glad that from time to time Bushido Calling still have a healthy number of visitors. 

When we arrived, one of the things in my mind was to continue the blog. The assignments in my one year of studying photojournalism were intense, overpowering and may have rendered my writing will unconscious for months. 500. 800. 1,000-word essays. That was the training. The last time I wrote something was in April, preparing for the last and ultimate battle of my studies. The on-campus defense.   

There were instances when I posted on my Facebook account that I was going to begin writing. I thought, by doing that it would somehow make a spark, a sort of jumpstart. Nah, it did not work. So I waited. Thinking that some lightbulb would just *TING* and I'd go crazy on the keyboard. Double nah. If you really want to write you sit, write, and after finishing a piece write again. No announcements. No procrastination. Just write.

The above paragraph is the sound of me scolding myself. Pretty obvious, yes? So folks… I'm back. From this day forward Bushido Calling is back in business. I hope to interact with you as you spend a few minutes reading my photographic journey, again. I will be spending some time writing about what happened during my time in the Philippines since March. So, there it is. Cheers!


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