Girls, Cigarettes & Conversation

Last week I attended a Teaching Guidelines seminar conducted by Ms. Aurora Dobashi, founder of the Filipino English Teachers in Japan (FETJ) organization in Okazaki city. Rya saw the ad posted on the Facebook group and we thought it was a good way to refresh my English.

Sorry, I won't be talking about the seminar but rather something related to photography.  

On the first day I was not able to bring a camera with me (strange, right?). I may have thought that I will be confined within four walls for most of the time and there won't be any opportunity to create a few snaps. Wrong. For always there will be opportunities... either you encounter one or better yet create one.

It was a time meeting new friends and also a chance for me to finally capture a certain moment.

I have always been intrigued by this pose. Oftentimes I see Japanese women at the train platforms sit in this fashion when they are waiting for the train to arrive. I never tried to capture the moment out there. Perhaps you know why. Hint: you can't blog behind bars.

On the 2nd day I brought my camera. And during break time I joined my co-attendees who went out for a cigarette break.  There it was. The moment. I then asked there permission. And waited for them to go back to what they were doing naturally, girl talk.    

At the end of the day, we finished our seminar with us giving teaching simulations in two groups. It was a good weekend and a lot of lessons learned, both new and old. I am looking forward to attend the Advanced Teacher Training next time. And this time, my camera will be with me. Who knows what photographic chance I may encounter or create next.


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