Here we go again...

Been out from blogging for a while now. Much has happened. As soon as I'd get my head back to a clearer state I will tell how my week went. I am also catching some lost sleep. I will be needing all the rest for tomorrow.

We are moving again. This time to Toyohashi city in Aichi ken, a different prefecture. It is near Nagoya and we will be farther now from Tokyo. I am looking forward to the cultural events in Toyohashi city. I have been browsing about events as early as January and found out one interesting festival, Tezutsu. It is a display of handheld fireworks during the month of September.  We will also be closer to Inuyama city where one of Japan's extant castle is standing. Inuyama is also famous for Ukai (cormorant fishing). This is also something that I have always wanted to experience and capture with the camera.   

My one mile project here in Fuji will come to an end. Shame because of the recent events I was not able to wander around the woods for some landscape shots. The past few days was raining. Mt. Ashitaka was filled with fogs. And I could only look in awe and feel a little regret from a distance. I will post an entry of my takes as soon as we will be back online.

Sayonara for now Fuji san. I will surely miss the joys of seeing you with your snowcaps in winter and spring. We will meet again someday.


  1. Good luck in Toyohashi. I wish I had more opportunities to move around and live in different areas of Japan these days. I think you will like the Nagoya area. There is lots to do. I spent a year in Nagoya once. From Toyohashi, you're also close to Gifu Castle, Nagoya Castle and Hikone is not so far away either. In fact, Kyoto itself is about the same distance/cost by shinkansen as Shizuoka is from Tokyo. You can probably do a day trip to Tsumago in Gifu which I'm sure you'll enjoy. I went to ukai once on Nagara R. and it's definitely an experience worth doing. Toyota City has some famous fall colors at Korankei and I'm sure you'll love the Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya too.

  2. Thank you Eric. For sure I will be enjoying the Nagoya area. I am already planning to visit Gujo Hachiman this Thursday or Friday. Have not heard about Korankie. I will add it on my October list. And Tsumago also. The panorama from Gifu jo's tenshu is breathtaking. I may visit it again this summer.


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