(This blog entry contains 50 images taken since I started this hobby. My apologies if it is overwhelming. I wanted to keep an eye on my progress through the years. So if you think I am insane to present it this way... you are free to walk out anytime. But if you prefer to bear with me... I will walk you through until the last image. )
Much of what I learned about the basics of photography was from a bridge camera forum. I shared snaps, participated in the photo challenges and members gave constructive criticisms. But since I had Tank (my Canon X2) during the end of Spring 2008, my involvement with that forum gradually subsided. So I decided to follow the crowd at Flickr where most of my friends (who also made the leap to the dSLR arena) are sharing their shots. 

MAY 2008

The dawn. I had my first walk with Tank at the Shizuoka Sengen Shrine using the EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS aka "Private Kit". My first lens. I decided to have it because of its 58mm filter size. Inheriting all the filters from my S3IS.


As I wandered at the back of the Shizuoka Daigaku, I came across this lovely fellow. I was experimenting with my EF 50mm f1.8 II aka "Agent 50' + Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro lens combo here. This second lens is really cheap sweet and sharp.

This shot was taken at the Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura. My first time to join an organized photowalk. It was raining like crazy that day. Not bad for a first time out, if I may say so. 


The view of Mt. Fuji at Lake Motosu in Yamanashi is breathtaking. This time I had Rya with me. First time for us both to join a planned photo event. First time also for my  EF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM aka "The General" to see action.

Rya and I went back to Kamakura to visit the Daibutsu and to seal the "unfinished business".

The Abekawa river fireworks.

A cosplayer at Harajuku. 

The sunset at Odaiba.


Perhaps one of the most lively gathering I had here in Japan was the Timog Tokuma EB. We had fun, food, models and the crazy rain.

A time to contemplate at Karuizawa, Nagano.


The Odakkui matsuri at downtown Shizuoka City.

Scene of the main event at the Sumpu Kouen.


Revisiting Odaiba. This time using my EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM aka "Major Wide".


Daidogei 2008. Sumpu Kouen.

A friend requested me to take some photos of her daughter. Turned out to be profitable when my shots landed on the cover of an English teaching brochure and catalogue. My first paid shots (so to speak). 

View of Mt. Fuji from the Asagiri Heights.


Sunset at Fort Ilocandia, North Ilocos, Philippines. 

The Tower of Bantay, Vigan, Philippines. 


A diorama inside the Atami Castle.

After six months I was able to visit the Satta Toge Pass. 


Yabusame archers at the Odawara Ume Matsuri.

Plum Blossom.


Shibuya, Tokyo.


At the start of 2009 I was heading to the direction of learning how to use lights on subjects. So I joined a photo workshop in Tokyo.

The Sakura blooms.


During the Golden week, I was invited again to take some photos. 
This time with a budding model and some knowledge on how to use light.

Went camping with friends at what we dubbed as, the "Strobist Bootcamp" at Lake Tanuki.


Had another meet-up with friends in Tokyo.
 Just in time also to take Lensbaby Composer aka "Baby" for a spin.

The life-size Gundam at Odaiba.


The Scott Kelby 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk 
was the most exciting of all photowalks I attended. Why? Two reasons.

One. A pre-photowalk at the Asakusa Shrine in the morning.

And my first child model photoshoot. 

Two. My first photowalk with the Flickr Tokyo Photo Session crew. 

And I get to see the undergrounds of Ginza. 
Believe me, I am that shallow in pursuits of happiness.


The following month I can't help but score for an EF 70-200mm f2.8 L USM aka "The Admiral" and test it with the back to back Asakusa Samba Festival...

Pause. El Matador!

... and Genki Yosakoi at Harajuku.


I was not to walk out on the Cosplay Festival in Nagoya. 

Rya. High-key.


Meet-up with friends and a model.

Experiment with long-exposure.


The Halloweeners at LaCitadelle, Kawazaki.

Shizuoka Daigaku matsuri.


Frolicking with Ken at downtown Shizuoka City.


The farewell party.


View of Mt. Fuji from the Abekawa Bridge, Shizuoka City.


My recent photowalk with the Flickr Tokyo Photo Session crew at Odaiba, Tokyo. 

The sun worshipper.

At Liberty once again.

The dusk.

Thank you for walking with me.


  1. Ganda! Post na sa Flickr yung best shots! Pa-isa isa lang hehehe

  2. ang galing talaga. pinaka gusto ko february shot ng fujisan. o, gawa na ng libro. hehehe

  3. @Scion Arigatou. Hopefully... need to re-activate my Flickr pro account.

    @Ryo January shot your honour! I need a publisher and at least 500 loyal readers first.

  4. I know this guy since 2008 and he is one of the few who is willing to learn more about photography and at the same willing share what he learned to other neophytes like me.

    just look at the diversity of the photos posted above :-)

    anyway, congrats kuya :D

  5. @Kilcher Thanks for dropping by. :D

    @Totomai It took me this long to think on what to reply. I was totally perplexed by the kind comment. Thank you.

    and for the record... you are no neophyte. hahaha


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