These past few days was spent digging old (2006) files on the external hard drive. I was thinking of making 1st year photobooks for Ken and Kaye at Blurb. Although we already had one made (for Ken) at a local printshop, I was disappointed with the quality. Anyways, as I was digging I came across some folders of Japanese castles. Then I thought I still don't have an entry about the collection yet. Here they are. 36 Japanese castles. Not all of them but the earlier ones taken with the S3IS. I will reserve the newer ones for the 2nd part. Enjoy.  

Akashi Castle 明石城

Akashi City, Hyogo Ken

Azushi Castle 安士城

Azushi, Shiga Ken
[ replica taken in Mie Ken  ]

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle 備中松山城

Takahashi, Okayama Ken

Chiba Castle 千葉城

Chiba City, Chiba Ken

Edo Castle 江戸城

Tokyo, Tokyo To

Fukui Castle 福井城

Fukui City, Fukui Ken

Fukuyama Castle 福山城

Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Ken

Fushimi Castle 伏見城

Yoshida Town, Kyoto Fu

Gifu Castle 岐阜城

Gifu City, Gifu Ken

Hamamatsu Castle 浜松城

Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Ken

Hikone Castle 彦根城

Hikone City, Shiga Ken

Himeji Castle 姫路城

Himeji City, Hyogo Ken

Iga Ueno Castle 伊賀上野城

Iga Ueno City, Mie Ken

Inuyama Castle 犬山城

Inuyama City, Aichi Ken

Iwakuni Castle 岩国城

Iwakuni City, Iwakuni Ken

Kakegawa Castle 掛川城

Kakegawa, Shizuoka Ken

Kawagoe Castle 川越城

Kawagoe City, Saitama Ken

Kishiwada Castle 岸和田城

Kishiwada, Osaka Fu

Kiyosu Castle 清洲城

Kiyosu, Aichi Ken

Kofu Castle 甲府城

Kofu City, Yamanashi Ken

Komaki Castle 小牧城

Komaki, Aichi Ken

Koyama Castle 小山城

Yoshida, Shizuoka Ken

Maruoka Castle 丸岡城

Maruoka, Fukui Ken

Matsumoto Castle 松本城

Matsumoto City, Nagano Ken

Nagahama Castle 長浜城

Nagahama, Shiga Ken

Nijo Castle 二条城

Kyoto City, Kyoto Fu

Odawara Castle 小田原城

Odawara City, Kanagawa Ken

Ogaki Castle 大垣城

Ogaki, Gifu Ken

Okayama Castle 岡山城

Okayama City, Okayama Ken

Okazaki Castle 岡崎城

Okazaki City, Aichi Ken

Osaka Castle 大坂城

Osaka City, Osaka Fu

Sunpu Castle 駿府城

Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Ken

Tateyama Castle 館山城

Tateyama, Chiba Ken

Tsu Castle 津城

Tsu City, Mie Ken

Wakayama Castle 和歌山城

Wakayama City, Wakayama Ken

Yoshida Castle 吉田豊橋城

Toyohashi City, Aichi Ken


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