The Orange Zone: The Terrain

"If you know the weather (Heaven) and know the terrain (Earth), 
you may make your victory complete." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

And so it begins. The One Mile Project. This is one project that I should have done when we were still in Shizuoka but regrettably overlooked. And now that we have barely 20 days before moving to Toyohashi it would be a shame to commit the same mistake twice.

As you can see, I have downloaded a map and made a grid of my one mile radius. I am familiar with the Gakunan train line and fortunately, the orange zone includes four stations. What I am excited about is to venture into the woods at grids A3, 4 & B3, 4, the area across the Tomei Expressway. I have not set foot in these parts, so I am planning to check out the area for some landscape shots. In B2, as I have seen in some tourist flyers in the area, is an ancient burial mound. I may find something interesting there too.

I have explored parts of C & D in the past few days and will share my shots as soon as I have sorted them out. I will also be sharing them at the Faded & Blurred See.Shoot.Share Flickr group. So stay tuned.  


  1. Good luck! ^_^ That's an interesting project :)

  2. Thank you Kyoko chan. You guys should try this sometime. Pick a 1 mile radius spot in Malate and then do some foodspotting.


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