Lately, I am lost for words. If you find something incoherent about this entry please forgive me. It seems that I have nothing to write about. Like almost everything is being said by someone else these days. So I will just pour out what is inside my head at the time my fingers are on the keyboard.

Much of my time is spent on reading. Reading blogs. Reading books. Then it hit me. Black text. White paper. Classic. 

Next I found myself at the balcony shooting people passing by. The plan was to shoot simple. The nifty-fifty in B&W and JPG. The only time I shot in colour and changed lens was last Saturday. 

Also this was my first to get curious with Picture Style. I wanted to see what the result was if I would just use the "in-camera processing". I bumped the Sharpness 2 notches and went full on the Contrast. I left the Filter and Toning effect as it was. In the coming days I will continue messing up with Picture Style and see further what it could do. Who knows, something might hit me.

For love of Lightroom I pushed a few Clarity and Vignette. Then, finally, the watermark in Photoshop. Maybe I will write something about my simple post-processing workflow in the future.   

Crude. I was going to say something about this last picture. I was just staring at it. I need another book. Before my thoughts fleet away.


  1. Love this post and these images, Rad. I would have loved to be in your head to listen to the conversation you had to come up with this idea. Bravo!

  2. Thank you Sabrina. I am honoured to have you drop a comment. Sorry if I failed to mention how the idea really started. As much as it was triggered by reading blogs (the Magnum 8), etc. It was during our family walks in the nearby park that I saw an old woman crossing the road. She was just standing on one side of her bicycle. Graceful and dignified. As common as this sight may be here in Japan, that was something new to me. So I thought of shooting a series about this probably neglected but unique and at the same time a universal subject. But that's just me. Interestingly, I don't even have one in this post and it still eludes me. Everything is just a spin-off to the old, bicycle & movement part. I am hoping one of these days I will be able to capture that same image.


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