An Aijisha Christmas Presentation

Their chairs were lined up when we arrived. Last Saturday was Ken's Kindergarten Christmas presentation. Me and my wife did not know what to expect. We never dared to peek for some "preview" during their month -long practices. I wanted to be surprised. And surprised we were. 

The children looked heavenly when they entered. Ken, bearing a big smile, looked like one of those altar boys. Parents were pointing their cameras, camcorders, mobile phones to capture the moment.  

Megumi sensei, one of Aijisha's teacher, started the program with a prayer.

Hayashi sensei, the senior pastor of Hosanna Christian Church,  then began telling a story about Christmas. 

I am always fascinated with how he captivates the attention of the children. Even Ken, who I knew for sure did not understand much what he was saying, was all ears.  

After the story, the children were up on the stage with their memory verses. This was one part were Rya and I were so surprised. Ken recited two, Psalms 145:20 and Isaiah 43:4 in Nihongo. 

Then it was time for them to render an intrumental. Miho sensei, another Aijisha's teacher, presented the children.

Ken played a "minor" role. Nevertheless,he played perfectly and  kept on looking at us. Probably to show us what he was doing. He was the tambourine boy.

Other children followed with their presentation. They sang songs. Some all girls played the role of ducklings. Ken and other boys had fun doing their dinosaur dance. 

The older girls did their ballet.

A short break was requested for the children to prepare for the main show, the Nativity. 

It was one of the most adorable, heart-warming performances I have seen coming from the children. Ken played the role of a shepherd. Who, true to his role, kept on "shepherding" a younger classmate also aptly costumed as a sheep. At the end, they held in their hands small LED flashlights and sang a song side by side. 

My heart was beating, as I looked at my son. There he was, not just making us his parents proud but taking part of what the real meaning of Christmas was. The humble, majestic birth of the son of God, Jesus the Messiah.   

After the show, the children went back on stage and called their parents to join them. 

Then we had lunch. The children were surprised by one of the parents who dressed up as Santa and gave them gifts. Ken was quick to tear the wrapper and was glad to have received a Christmas storybook. 

As he sat on my lap, I can not help but give him a big hug and a kiss. Indeed that day was one highlight for us this year. 


  1. Oh Rad, this is such a lovely record for Ken but more than that it shows how universal Christmas is for us. It brings a tear to my eye and reminds me why we celebrate this season.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family too Sabrina!

    As much as we wanted to celebrate Christmas every year with the family back in the Philippines, celebrating it here in Japan with fellow believers really is always a blessing.


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