Beyond DiTL: The Solsona Experience

I would like to start this blog entry giving my deepest thanks to the people behind Rear Curtain, Ray Ketcham, Matthew Connors and Sabrina Henry. Last year two of my stories (The Hands that Rock the Grave & DiTL: Vacation) were published on their site. I have never been so enlightened, encouraged and energized in as much as my photographic journey is concerned. And I would like to give Charlene Winfred the special mention she deserves as the "nagging" leader of the DiTL pack. To new friends Flemming Bo Jensen, Radek Kozak, Sharon Barnes and Thomas Schmidt it was an honour to be a part of the team. Thank you all.      

Today, as I become a proud user of SoundSlides, I would like to celebrate by presenting  part 1 of a 3 part photo story series to what happened the days after DiTL: Vacation. 

Ken and I slept overnight for the first time in Solsona. I thought it would be a wonderful experience for Ken. His daily routine here in Japan was wake up, wait for the school bus, school, back home, sleep, play with us and then sleep. Solsona was different. Follow us as we enjoyed the fresh with a slight chill morning air to splashing ourselves in the cool river. 


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