Beyond DiTL: It's a Mall World After All

Last part of the 3-part photo story (if you missed part 1 and 2 click here and here). With typhoon Mina going down in history as that typhoon which turned our plans and wrought havoc in Solsona, we opted for plan B and hit the mall. We were supposed to celebrate Kaye's birthday together with the whole family at the beach. The folks at Solsona were also busy restoring what was destroyed during the typhoon and will not be able to join us.

The mall was packed. If there was one public place where Filipinos go to be entertained and sheltered from the storm at the same time it would be a mall. We wandered, bought gifts for the children then ended up having merienda at Pizza Hut. We spent all afternoon inside. As we head home the skies cleared. We finished the bash with a cake at home. 

The following day, everyone were preparing to go back to Tarlac and Manila while Mama Old, uncle Ben and I went to visit Solsona. 


  1. I enjoyed seeing this slice of life, Rad. Thanks for sharing.


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