It is still raining

Hi folks. Just another quick post of a few snaps I did last night. But like the last time I went to make frames it rained. This time the shower was all night. 

Rya was also out and got home around 7:45PM. The night street dance was over. But I still decided to go and play with the scraps. 

Today, Toyohashi city celebrated its famous festival. But it is still raining. I don't know if they went on with the main parade and other events. I went to Toyokawa city on an important interview and was back around 3:00PM. We all went to the Toyohashi Museum to see Ken's drawing exhibited. 

I am looking forward to a better weather. I have been missing out a lot of things lately. I hope next year everything will be good. But first things first, I hope I passed that interview and they will give me a call to go on training. 


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