Salad Days

I still am lacking words to write on this blog. Sorry. My mind have set its focus on the things I will be doing in the Philippines and the time in between has taken its toll. Planning and packing stuff. Plus the monsoon has not been kind enough to let me go outdoors (even for an hour or two) to shoot. Upside to that is more time spent with the family. Afterall being a husband and a father takes precedence over hobby. Not that I am being lax, frolicking with my kids still includes either me or Rya behind the camera.

For now I am transferring 2 sets from my Flickr. This set was taken in 2009. Splash photography. Not perfect and very open to criticism. The next time I would be having fun with this type of photography is when I get to have Rya or Ken dropping the subject on the aquarium.

After viewing visit the Scents set HERE.


"Red Paprika"



"Yellow Paprika"


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