A tribute to change

Since start of May my enthusiasm for blogging seems to be heading south. Over and over I have been saying this here. Dry spell. Block. Fleeting thoughts. Lacking words. Not making any sense. All of which are just weak alibis feeding my dwindling self. It is time to draw the line. Break free from the block. Keep those fleeting thoughts, increase my vocabulary and make sense of what I have inside my head. The time to shake off the rust is now.   

My aim is to write as often as I could. The way I see it, my tendency to overdo things played a major role in the delay. I am aware that there are no rules in blogging (after all your blog is your own). But what I did after the first entry in 2008 was I presented a myriad of images along with the narratives of my travels. No harm so far. Only thing is that It took me weeks (even months) to finish an entry. Bad english. Double checking on the details. Editing and re-editing. All in all, I had 2 entries in 2008 and 5 in 2009. I should have read the signs when a friend, Winston, was telling me to blog everyday and not "one time, big time" in 2010. A more amusing comment was Totomai Martinez's calling my entries novel, encyclopedia, etc. and said I was blogging a year's worth of stories. Still I kept on writing entries a month at a time. It was only this year that I was able to start blogging 3 times a month. I even said I may be able to blog weekly. Again I will be challenging myself. 

Now regarding the contents, as I have said, previously I was posting a myriad of images. I even noticed that I have allowed myself to include shots that I should have left out. I thought it was good to balance it with what I was talking about (or is it the other way around? I was talking about something and the shots represents it.) Whatever the case may be, my point is I need to limit the number of images I will be posting next time. So you may be seeing a single image and some of my thoughts often. Or you may see at least three images. Maximum would probably be six images and I do hope it would still be fast loading. Another concern of mine is that I have folks with slow connections wanting to know what is going on with me. I think it is fair and logical.   

Another thing that is holding me back is grammar. Yes. This is also one of the reasons why I am having a hard time commenting on other blogs. Picture me. I sit down and write then self edit. Then I erase it and rewrite. I always fall short of basic sentence construction. So I let Rya proofread it and do the final editing. That is after I have sat down, wrote, self edited, erased and rewrote. Although it only takes a few minutes for her to read it. Finding the time to sit and read is the real obstacle. She sometimes does it before hitting the sack or during breakfast. But most of the time she does it on weekends. Oftentimes she throws me some of her dagger looks whenever I fall short of the he/she - his/him/her shuffle. And we also argue a lot whenever there is a word that I wanted to use but is out of context. Next time whenever there is an entry that you find really grammatically disturbing it means that I overrode the services of my final editor. Please be kind and feel free to free me from my error.

I really am enjoying this blog. It is so liberating when you put your thoughts into writing. Plus I get to present something I really love doing. Photography. Although started with my travels here in Japan, japanese castles and culture it has shifted into different directions as I included other topics that I thought were interesting. A lot of changes will take place in this blog. Five years from now Ken will be reading this blog then another five years it will be Kaye. By that time it may be their turn to blog (or whatever technology would arise). So, Lord willing, I am looking forward to 10 years more of blogging journey. Cheers to long life! Cheers to writing, reading and photography! Cheers and be free!  


  1. I also love to blog but the creative juice just vanished.. or was it there in the first place? I blog just to amuse myself sometimes but the pressure of having many readers will eat you and suddenly it will become more of a challenge than satisfaction... You're on the right track.. do what is to your liking and enjoy! And my nose is bleeding as i write this comment...

  2. Pot thank you... you are always an amusing friend. Can't wait to see you next month on the Tsukiji adventure.


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