This set was taken last year. Most of my Facebook contacts have seen it. If you are one of them you could also visit the Salad Days set HERE.

When I was shooting this set I was marveling how photography as a visual form of communication evokes the other senses. The complexity of the scientific explanation behind my query will only be explained further in the halls of  Valhalla. Again, sorry I am only human. So I leave all the answering to the gods. 

I am not making any sense, again. To put things simply. If you see a bottle surrounded by lavender would you not think immediately that what is inside the bottle smells like lavender? Would anyone think that it smells like cinnamon? Like I said, I still am lacking words to write on this blog. Time for me to stop, for you to look and I hope you could smell a scent.       

"Emporio Armani He Eau de Toilette"

"Leau Bleue dIssey Pour Homme"

"Lovely - Sarah Jessica Parker"

"Brit - Burberry"

"Beyond Paradise - Estee Lauder"


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