Mi Familia

My purpose for this month was to practice my "people skill". What I had in mind was to take portraits of the extended family and a few neighbors, which is something I could easily do back home. Unfortunately here in Japan I don't see many neighbors and Boyet & Mafe are in Gifu. It will not be until March that we get together again. So, I turn to the obvious availale subjects. Us. Meet  my nuclear family! 

In this post I planned to use the Lensbaby composer. What I thought as easy proved to be a little challenging. My apologies as some of the shoots are from the archive.

Rya got busy with a lot of things lately and could not spare me a few minutes to sit for a pose. The last time I took a portrait of her with the Lensbaby was when she was pregnant with Kaye. She told me a few times that she would sit and pose but would always end up literally sleeping on the matter. Last night, I was fortunate.

Ken has proved to be the most difficult subject of late. He may have had enough of me pointing the camera his way or got a little jealous with me turning my eyes to a another subject, his sister. All he ever does when I told him to look at me and smile is to cover his face as quickly as possible. There was even a time when he ran and came back with a blanket, covered himself and said "Papa take a picture". Smarty pants grows so fast! But then again I think my takes of him were the most creative.

Kaye is now 8 months old and is starting to crawl her way around. Time does fly so fast. Most of my Facebook friends have "witnessed" her days in the hospital during her birth. From that day on until today the house has never ran out of laughter, diapers and the early morning milk. Of course, her brother still leads when it comes to the occasional shouting during tickle fights. 

Raising a family is a daunting task. That is if you do it on your own. Dedicate it to God. Lift it to Him and the rest, Love, Peace & Joy, will just fall in naturally. 


  1. lovely photos!
    a happy family indeed!♥♥♥

  2. Lala thank you... we should be neighbors ne. so that I could take pictures of Aiyana & Reo.


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