A Prenup with the POD Wedding crew

City of San Fernando, La Union. I love this city. This city marks a turning point in my life. My soul brother Alvin Segundo lives here. I could also say that I grew up spiritually here with the First Baptist Church. But most of all, this is where Rya and I officially knew each other. (More about these stories in a future blog post).

Around ten years ago, Alvin introduced me to fellow friend and entrepreneur Edgee Zarsadias. He owns a computer shop which branched out to a photo studio and eventually ventured further covering weddings. Edgee is no stranger to photography. He told me that even as a boy he would wait early in the morning up on the penthouse of their building to take some city view shots. Now he is one of the country's first-class wedding photographer. 

Last Saturday, I had the chance to get to know his crew (videographers Robert Peña, Jomar dela Cruz and Charls Laluan & photographers John Munar and Kajee Wong) and joined a prenup video and photo shoot session. 

Our first location was the Pindangan Ruins. They say it used to be the old town church during the Spanish era. 

It was the first time for the crew to meet the couple who just flew in from America the day before. I asked one crew if it was not difficult to deal with like clients. He said at first there is that awkward moment. But they get over it fast as the session progresses. 

Indeed they did. And the way the crew handled it was very impressive. The only time I saw that moment was during introductions. Then it faded and everything went smoothly. If not for the sudden downpour we would have stayed longer at the ruins.

The next location was the Al Cora Beach Resort. There the crew worked on some indoor scenes. 

Around 4:00pm the rain stopped. A different scene was set. The classic lovely couple running away without a care in the world. There was one funny part where two of the crew acted the part of the scene.

We called it a day at around 5:00pm. I was a bit exhausted with the earlier heat but enjoyed witnessing how a prenup video and photo shoot session is done by seasoned professionals. I can see that the couple was satisfied with the session. They treated the crew to a hefty merienda after. 

We headed back to the main office. The crew then prepared themselves to another prenup. This time it will be in Batangas. They will be traveling early evening to Manila. Then the following day to the location. 

Hardworking and dedicated. To the POD Wedding crew. I salute you.


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