Treat and treat

It's no trick. I quickly pulled some old shots from the XHD to share. These are some of my early portraits during the 2009 La Cittadella Halloween parade. I don't remember much now what happened that day. What I do remember was that it was one of those times that I was without fear. Yes, it was my first to witness an event so open to photo enthusiasts that participants pose whenever you walk to them and ask for a shot.

The guises were varied and some were remarkably presented. This year's event has 3,500 participants. Certainly, anyone with a camera will really have a wonderful time. Meanwhile here is how they looked like two years ago. Enjoy.

Thank you and if you have Google+ you can add me here. I will be posting some more treats there. See you.


  1. where are the colors? so bushido calling has turn into B&W photoblog of sort? some photos up there, i think, are better in color.

    happy halloween kuya haha

  2. good question totomai. I agree with you that some of the shots looked better in color. The reason why I have been posting B&W for almost 2 months now is that I simply want to train my eyes to see my subjects in tones than hues. I find B&W to be timeless, clean and powerful at the same time. Definitely, you will be seeing a lot of B&W images here. But please don't misconstrue me as having abandoned colors because I haven't. In fact my next planned posts will be about Autumn.


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