First round: A night photowalk

This is a prelude to the planned small gathering (a night streets and fish market photowalk) that I mentioned in my last blog entry. I did some warm up shots as soon as I left the house at 5:00PM. 

I brought the 50mm, 10-22mm & 70-200mm and a few t-shirts. I did plan to bring a book along to pass away the time. But I thought that having one may influence the way I will be shooting later. So I packed lighter. 

The 5 hour train ride and 3 transfers was challenging. I got a bit exhausted running from one platform to another. Probably because it has been awhile that I travelled alone or I just missed traveling with Rya. Having someone sensible to talk to always makes time fly by. Rwrrkrrww. 

Back to the real world. The stories that are happening around me. This is not a time for introspection. And no book could ever take into account what was going on in my surroundings. And with the camera in my hand. I decided to capture those moments.  


  1. now we know why you are late! you did some advance photo session. just kidding!

    nice series kuya. :-) i will always be a fanatic of candid shots :-)

  2. Hahaha... 1st shot was to let you guys know I left Toyohashi station 5:25PM.


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