Yūrakuchō nights

I had no idea what was in store for us. Intentionally I wanted my mind to have a blank picture of the place. Suffice it to say that my goal for that evening was to get lost, enjoy the night streets and shoot.    

As the train arrived at Yurakucho, it came to me that I was going to have a great time. The flow of young professionals were endless. They go by circles and some by pairs. Seldom you see a single soul in the streets. I saw one near the station but  she was waiting for someone or her group. Kid and Totomai were already shooting. Another friend, Reo, left earlier saying he had this appointment with the embassy the following day. 

Under the Yamanote line were a lot of izakayas and outdoor yakitori restaurants. The streets reminded me of Saturday nights in Malate. We wandered the streets, shooting every corner and at times stay in one place to capture the people passing by. After 2 hours, we decided to sit down and have some ramen. 

And to add more flavour to the photowalk we spent an hour of karaoke. We went. We sang. We reviewed our shots.

At 3:30AM we crossed over Ginza heading to our main course. Tsukiji fish market.

( I will be off the grid starting tomorrow. The next entry would probably be written in the Philippines. See you then and enjoy. )


  1. My karaoke talaga sa itinerary(^_^)

  2. me likey 2nd to the last pic :D

  3. @Anonymous we badly needed to cool down and rest our feet.

    @Katek me likey too... flickr ni mo aru yo.

  4. nakakamiss magshoot ng jap chick strangers hehehe

  5. nice walking with you. i learned a lot from the _____. fill in the blanks :-)

    my fave shot is that of the glasses. i dont know but i like it.

    cant gather my thoughts to write a blog lol

  6. @Scion you the small stalker!

    @Totomai go write. It looks like I have a few hours later to write the last part.


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